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When Momma Has An Eeyore Day

This week was tough. I fell into my first full depressive episode since I was diagnosed Bipolar II.  Being aware of what was happening and not being able to stop the cycle was frustrating to say the least. I’ve felt it coming for a couple weeks now, but was fighting against it. Monday was hard …

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Lazy, Sick, Depressed, or Unmotivated Mom Guide: 7 Minimal Effort Kid Activities with Big Rewards

Listen, I have a confession to make.  I am sometimes a lazy mom. 
Introverted personality combined with anxiety and depression and chronic illness have made me more than exhausted or wore down at times.  Even at my healthiest I have days where I am just NOT feeling it. 

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One Flawsome Momma: Single Parent Martyrs. Stop.

I was having a lovely conversation with an acquaintance when I happened to mention my blog.  She asked me what it was about and I replied, “Divorce and Being a Single Mom.” Then she made a statement.  One that left me at a loss for words. “But you’re not a single mom, he’s involved and …


Healthy and Strong Girls: Healthy Me Equals Healthy You.

The health of our children is directly related to the health of us.  I firmly believe this.  Physically and Emotionally I have been a rollercoaster over the years.  My daughter was just on for the ride.  Single working mom: strapped on time, strapped on money, strapped on motivation.  Unfortunately, that has manifested into unhealthy eating habits, little …

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One Flawsome Momma: "I Wonder Why Daddy Picked Her Over You."

I was sitting in a fast food restaurant, having lunch with my daughter after a day of shopping, when my then 7 year old nonchalantly asked, “I wonder why daddy picked her over you?” In a split second my chest tightened and I fought to hide back the tears.  My head fogged up and I …

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One Flawsome Momma: Single Mom Army

“When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army.” Ellie Goulding The first time I heard this song was at a live concert.  I was on a date, but in that moment I was immersed in so much love and gratitude for my dearest family and friends.  My people.  My army. Finding your Single Mom Army …

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One Flawsome Momma: Introverted Me

Thank God It’s My Every Other Friday.  You know the one I’m talking about.  The one where dad shows up to scoop up the kid and you’re left in sweet, serene silence.  My pup Molly asleep at my feet, chamomile tea on my nightstand, City and Colour radio on Pandora.  No where to be, no …


One Flawsome Momma: Momma, Can I Lay With You?  No.

Fast forward. She’s 9 now. And guess what? Momma needs her space. Momma needs to breathe. Momma needs you to go to bed and stay there all night like they told me you would when you got older. It’s like an 8pm Sundowner’s Version of Children. Her whole personality changes. In fact, she shows off about 8 of them in a matter of minutes…


One Flawsome Momma: Giggles and Gossip

I’ll be honest.  I’m terrible at hosting sleepovers for my daughter.  “We’ll get them together next weekend.  Wait, she’s at her dad’s next weekend, how about the weekend after?”  Scheduling it is the hardest part. Then: who picks them up, who drops them off, should I clean the house first even though I know it’ll …


One Flawsome Momma: “I can do it my way, Momma. Watch!”

When my daughter was little, we would play or relax and then followed a nightly routine of bath, bed, book, snuggles, conversation, and sleep.  These were the days!! Fast forward a few years. Projects.  Homework.  EOGs.  Letter Grades.  3rd Grade has been a difficult transition for my daughter and I.  All of a sudden our …