3rd Grade Homework Woes

When my daughter was little, we would play or relax and then followed a nightly routine of bath, bed, book, snuggles, conversation, and sleep.  These were the days!! Fast forward a few years. Projects.  Homework.  EOGs.  Letter Grades.  3rd Grade has been a difficult transition for my daughter and I.  All of a sudden our… Continue reading 3rd Grade Homework Woes

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Life Is Too Messy for Perfect Mothers

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to be the perfect mother.  I spent the first few years hurrying milestones - because if you've ever sat around a table with new moms, or old moms, or really ANY MOMS - that's what the fuss is all about.  "Can you believe my… Continue reading Life Is Too Messy for Perfect Mothers