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When Love Overrides Guilt and Shame

Today I went back to work. I was nervous.  There’s something about depression and it’s ability to twist and turn your thoughts into outlandish, negative distortions. I’ve always felt extreme guilt over being away while caring for myself.  My psychiatrist tells me “if you had diabetes and you were sick you would need to take …

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When Momma Has An Eeyore Day

This week was tough. I fell into my first full depressive episode since I was diagnosed Bipolar II.  Being aware of what was happening and not being able to stop the cycle was frustrating to say the least. I’ve felt it coming for a couple weeks now, but was fighting against it. Monday was hard …

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Bipolar II: It was more complicated than Major Depression

It’s been some time since I’ve sat down to write.  The last time I posted, I wrote about how I was slipping into another “funk”, but attempted to maintain some positivity and insight – trying to convince myself more than my readers. That particular “funk” turned into a Major Depressive Episode.  Not anything I haven’t …