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You Are Not Unloveable.  Just Wait.

I have Ulcerative Colitis, A Permanent Ileostomy, And Arthritis. I have Bipolar Disorder: Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings. I am overweight. I am a single mom. Who in they’re right fucking mind would take a mess like that and love them to pieces?   I truly thought no one.  And if someone did show interest there …

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When Love Overrides Guilt and Shame

Today I went back to work. I was nervous.  There’s something about depression and it’s ability to twist and turn your thoughts into outlandish, negative distortions. I’ve always felt extreme guilt over being away while caring for myself.  My psychiatrist tells me “if you had diabetes and you were sick you would need to take …

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When you feel held back from greatness because of your Mental Illness 

This hit home for me tonight… I’m laying in bed, still slightly lethargic from my latest depression and new med addition.   But, in my head, are finally clearing thoughts that aren’t so negative.  It’s like the cloud is lifting and my creativity is again infusing the brain that felt useless for a whole week. …

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When Momma Has An Eeyore Day

This week was tough. I fell into my first full depressive episode since I was diagnosed Bipolar II.  Being aware of what was happening and not being able to stop the cycle was frustrating to say the least. I’ve felt it coming for a couple weeks now, but was fighting against it. Monday was hard …

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Bipolar II: It was more complicated than Major Depression

It’s been some time since I’ve sat down to write.  The last time I posted, I wrote about how I was slipping into another “funk”, but attempted to maintain some positivity and insight – trying to convince myself more than my readers. That particular “funk” turned into a Major Depressive Episode.  Not anything I haven’t …

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One Flawsome Momma: What is a FUNK? And what to do about it.

In a funk? Me too.   Affiliate Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  Any products I suggest are based on personal experience and I share them because I …

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How Creativity Cured My Anxiety & Tips For Those Who Suffer

Creativity cured my anxiety. Or maybe I finally allowed my anxiety to fuel my creativity.    I have struggled my entire life with anxiety, and if you’ve read my blog at all you know I’ve also suffered from debilitating panic attacks and depression since the fall of my marriage. For those of you who don’t …

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Lazy, Sick, Depressed, or Unmotivated Mom Guide: 7 Minimal Effort Kid Activities with Big Rewards

Listen, I have a confession to make.  I am sometimes a lazy mom. 
Introverted personality combined with anxiety and depression and chronic illness have made me more than exhausted or wore down at times.  Even at my healthiest I have days where I am just NOT feeling it. 

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One Flawsome Momma: I Am Not a Feather

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I slept 10 hours last night.  I feel human again!  Just a little update on the blog – I’ve added a subscriber link and would love for my fans to sign up.  You get first dibs on any post and I’ll be sending out weekly inspirational tips.  🙂 Now, …

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Dear Anxiety: You Will Not Take My Daughter Hostage

Dear Anxiety, You are a sneaky little bastard, aren’t you?  For as long as I can remember you have made your way into my life and riddled me in fear. Sometimes your presence is subtle and other times your presence engulfs me and swallows me whole. You love to remind me who is in control.  …