Boundaries.  The word that gets thrown around like confetti.  Even from those who you should actually be setting boundaries with.  Now that’s ironic. Toxicity is something that I have known since the minute I took my first breath.  Breed into it like some warrior princess.  Toxicity and elasticity rhyme.  That’s a little ironic too.  The… Continue reading Boundaries


Self Gratitude

Gratefulness It’s Thanksgiving, the time of thanks.  Traditions around the dinner table may include saying something you’re grateful for, praying about your thankfulness, or sometimes in my family we put up paper on the walls for everyone to write down what they are thankful for and everyone gets to examine it.   This can be uncomfortable,… Continue reading Self Gratitude


Hold On or Let Go

Have you ever gripped something so hard that it hurts?  Remember as a kid and having the last piece of candy and your brother or sister tries to snatch it out of your hand so you close your grip as hard as possible, you might even swat back at them.  “No, it’s mine!”  As a… Continue reading Hold On or Let Go


I Have Tools Too, Thank You

"Good Luck with that. Let me know how that goes." The words that were texted to me by my male friend who was clearly a little agitated that I wouldn't let him come over and you know, "help around the house". I have been in the process of moving my sister and her two kids… Continue reading I Have Tools Too, Thank You


Little Sister: You’re a bad ass bitch

Little Sister, It’s been one hell of a day, hasn’t it?  I believe the words you said while we were sitting in those uncomfortable seats at CarMax were, “Can’t anything good happen?”  and I think the words, “can’t I catch just one break?” were uttered too.  Along with several other phrases that most people use… Continue reading Little Sister: You’re a bad ass bitch


F*** Hump Day

Sept 23, 2020 I have been stuck in a weird place.  I want to write, but I am not sure what I want to write about.  I have always wanted to write a book.  It is a dream of mine.  Not so sure that will ever really happen.   What I do know is that today… Continue reading F*** Hump Day


Less Needed Doesn’t Mean Needed Less

It’s one am and I have three teenage girls sitting in my living room eating bowls of chocolate cereal and drinking hot chocolate while watching some horror movie.  (I can tell by the random screams)   Sleepovers sure have changed over the years.  Where they used to be some dinner, some crafts and a fort.  They… Continue reading Less Needed Doesn’t Mean Needed Less


Dear Uncle Matt. I Miss You.

I remember when I was little waiting for you to come and grab my little hands and swing me round and round until you’d let me down so I’d feel so dizzy I could barely walk. And when I was a teen, my friends would crush on you and I’d be so grossed out. You’d… Continue reading Dear Uncle Matt. I Miss You.


Fuck The Feel Good Quotes Today

September 25, 2017 “Grow through what you go through.” “This is happening to you for a reason. There is a greater purpose here.” “Sunshine comes to all those who feel the rain.” “You’ve survived 100 percent of your worst days.” “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.” How many times have you heard something… Continue reading Fuck The Feel Good Quotes Today


Mommas with Mental Illness

August 9, 2017 This week was tough. I fell into my first full depressive episode since I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder.  Being aware of what was happening and not being able to stop the cycle was frustrating to say the least. I have felt it coming for a couple of weeks now, but I… Continue reading Mommas with Mental Illness



July 7, 2017 “There’s this person inside my head. She’s brilliant, capable. She’s me, only so much better. And I’m afraid I will never become this person.” — Meredith Grey, “Grey’s Anatomy.” This hit home for me tonight… I’m laying in bed, still slightly lethargic from my latest depression and new medication addition. But, in my head, are finally-clearing thoughts… Continue reading Limitations

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International Women’s Day: Women are invested in Human Rights, which includes Women, but should be inclusive for ALL.

I woke up this morning and scrolled my facebook feed... Apparently today, March 8th, is International Women's Day. So, I walk outside and proudly announce to my mom, "It's International Women's Day!" Mom, "Cool.  What's that?" Me, "Well.... I don't really know, but I'm a woman so I felt the need to share." To be… Continue reading International Women’s Day: Women are invested in Human Rights, which includes Women, but should be inclusive for ALL.

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Grief, Gratitude and Grace: Chronic Illness

Less than 24 hours before I'm in the operating room. After 7 years of ups and downs with Ulcerative Colitis my story is finally coming to an end.  I had hoped after the last surgery that my ileostomy would be reversed and I would be able to be "normal" again, but unfortunately my body had… Continue reading Grief, Gratitude and Grace: Chronic Illness

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Dear Anxiety: You Will Not Take My Daughter Hostage

Dear Anxiety, You are a sneaky little bastard, aren't you?  For as long as I can remember you have made your way into my life and riddled me in fear. Sometimes your presence is subtle and other times your presence engulfs me and swallows me whole. You love to remind me who is in control. … Continue reading Dear Anxiety: You Will Not Take My Daughter Hostage

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Tired Moms: Easy Activities for the Youngin’s

Listen, I have a confession to make.  I am sometimes a lazy mom. 
Introverted personality combined with anxiety and depression and chronic illness have made me more than exhausted or wore down at times.  Even at my healthiest I have days where I am just NOT feeling it. 


I Am Not a Feather

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I slept 10 hours last night.  I feel human again!  Just a little update on the blog - I've added a subscriber link and would love for my fans to sign up.  You get first dibs on any post and I'll be sending out weekly inspirational tips.  🙂 Now,… Continue reading I Am Not a Feather

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When Teaching Humility To Your Child Humbles You

"I'm better at _______."  ""You're not as good as me at ________." Both statements that I cringe to when I hear them come out of my daughters mouth.  Don't get me wrong, she is incredibly thoughtful, caring, gentle and sweet - but sometimes, like any 9 year old, she can be brutally honest/downright nasty, or… Continue reading When Teaching Humility To Your Child Humbles You

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Single Mom’s Verses Single Mom’s: Apparently Controversial

I was having a lovely conversation with an acquaintance when I happened to mention my blog.  She asked me what it was about and I replied, "Divorce and Being a Single Mom." Then she made a statement.  One that left me at a loss for words. "But you're not a single mom, he's involved and… Continue reading Single Mom’s Verses Single Mom’s: Apparently Controversial

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11 Dating Tips: Breakup, Separation or Divorce

I've created a list of dating tips following any breakup, separation or divorce.  Stuff I learned the hard way.  You probably won't listen if you're a stubborn ass hot mess like I was, but I'll list it anyway. 11 Dating Tips Following Separation: Go On The Date: I heard somewhere that you should wait 2… Continue reading 11 Dating Tips: Breakup, Separation or Divorce

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“I Wonder Why Daddy Picked Her Over You.”

I was sitting in a fast food restaurant, having lunch with my daughter after a day of shopping, when my then 7 year old nonchalantly asked, "I wonder why daddy picked her over you?" In a split second my chest tightened and I fought to hide back the tears.  My head fogged up and I… Continue reading “I Wonder Why Daddy Picked Her Over You.”