Meet One Flawsome Momma

I started this blog back in 2016 after my divorce, and right before I found out I was batshit crazy.  OK.  I mean Bipolar, and some people might get offended by that.  Sorry!  I stopped blogging, though I did keep journaling during my journey to getting more stable.  A lot happened over a few years.  I’ve recently discovered my love for writing again, and I decided to bring it back to square one.  Cheers to being a single working mom with Bipolar and CPTSD and that kid of mine is now a teenage girl.  That’s it y’all.  Oh, the name is Jackie.  I’m pretty awesome sometimes.  Flawed yes.  But always making it through to another day.

Join me in the journey to overcome adversity in the presence of our flaws. 

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