Dear Uncle Matt. I Miss You.

I remember when I was little waiting for you to come and grab my little hands and swing me round and round until you’d let me down so I’d feel so dizzy I could barely walk.

And when I was a teen, my friends would crush on you and I’d be so grossed out. You’d just “hang” and listen to my teenage drama and then laugh and make fun of me.

As an adult, we’d play intense games of Spades and Poker. We became friends.

And after my marriage ended, during the worst night of my life, when I was so heartbroken I could barely breathe, you poured the tequila, cranked the music up, danced with me until the wee hours of the morning, held my hair while I puked my brains out and then told me before I left that you knew I would be OK, because you knew ME. And I was OK.

You had your demons, but you always had my back. No one could ever replace the love I hold in my heart for you.

Love You Forever

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