I Am Not a Feather

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I slept 10 hours last night.  I feel human again!  Just a little update on the blog – I’ve added a subscriber link and would love for my fans to sign up.  You get first dibs on any post and I’ll be sending out weekly inspirational tips.  πŸ™‚

Now, for why I’m really here.  Lets talk about life.

You know that saying, “God will never give you more than you can handle?”  He must really think I’m a rock star.  Lets reflect on 2017:

My ex lost his job and I subsequently lost child support and insurance for my daughter

My daughter has been experiencing panic attacks and anxiety – which is directly related to a couple of asshole bullies she’s encountered at school.

My colo-rectal surgeon informed me that my rectum is not salvageable – which means the ileostomy that I planned on reversing will now forever be mine.  Surgery scheduled for less than 2 weeks from now and I’ll be out of work 4-6 weeks. 

Totally PE. I was running and had to run a couple more laps and I started thinking about walking but then I had to do the whole thing over again but I KEPT RUNNING:

My attempt at remaining positive and unaffected has failed miserably.  I am affected.  I am emotional.  I feel so much weight on my shoulders and all I can do is keep on keeping on.

Here’s the thing though – I always thought when chaos was swirling around me like a tornado I had to succumb to the winds because they were always stronger than little ole me standing in the storm.  But life has tested me, it has rocked my world and made me a strong woman.

I am not a feather.  I am no longer moved by everything surrounding me. 

I am an Oak Tree – my exterior may look damaged at times but my roots run deep, firmly planted with every single victory through adversity. 

Rh sin:

And that’s what I have to remind myself of, when I’m feeling vulnerable and weak – that I will get through this too.  It doesn’t mean I have to hide my vulnerability.  It doesn’t mean I have to pretend like everything is ok.  It just means that somewhere, deep within, I know that I am going to find a blessing in all of this.  I’ll wait for it.  I’ll have faith.

Sunday Blessings to you.


One Flawsome Momma



31 thoughts on “I Am Not a Feather”

  1. What a beautiful way to describe how one can choose to handle the tough parts of life and what an incredible choice to be able to show your daughter. She is lucky to have such a strong role model in her life.


    1. Thank you! It’s so important to realize that regardless of life’s circumstances, we have the ability to choose how we react and respond. It’s taken a whole lot of counseling and experience to realize these things! haha


  2. I’m in awe – you’re honesty is inspiring and I think every reader here will take away your words and remember it when they are dealing with insurmountable obstacles – “I am a Big Oak Tree – my exterior may look damaged at timesΒ but my roots run deep, firmly planted with every single victory through adversity.Β “


  3. Yes! Love how you put this.
    Seeing the good or waiting for the good from bad situations can take some people awhile to look for. Thank you for sharing your story πŸ™‚


  4. I’m sorry to hear about the bullies at school. I don’t know what I will do when my children go. I will probably be the crazy Mom peeking through the fence at recess lol. Good luck during your surgery. My thought are with you!!


  5. I am sorry you are going through all of this mama. I am sorry that your daughter is dealing with her own share of struggles as well. She is very lucky to have you as an example of a strong woman. “It doesn’t mean I have to hide my vulnerability. It doesn’t mean I have to pretend like everything is ok. It just means that somewhere, deep within, I know that I am going to find a blessing in all of this. I’ll wait for it. I’ll have faith.” This is what true strength looks like! Hugs mama.

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  6. Thank you for this. I have been struggling lately with my job hunt and it has me really down, so I needed some positive words. Apparently in central Florida if you have a Masters Degree no one wants to hire you because you are “too educated”

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      1. Legal studies. I have paralegal experience and that’s where I want to stay but it hasnt been working


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