Healthy and Strong Girls: Healthy Me Equals Healthy You.

The health of our children is directly related to the health of us.  I firmly believe this.  Physically and Emotionally I have been a rollercoaster over the years.  My daughter was just on for the ride.  Single working mom: strapped on time, strapped on money, strapped on motivation.  Unfortunately, that has manifested into unhealthy eating habits, little to no exercise, and a lot of electronic use.  And we all know that when you’re physically unfit it affects your confidence, self esteem, and self worth.  Important for anyone, but extremely important to the growth of a rising tween.

At the beginning of 2017 I spoke with my 9 year old about “New Years Resolutions” and together we decided on a theme for this year.  Healthy and Strong Girls.  We’re about a month in and the enthusiasm is fading (like most New Years Resolutions).  To inspire us (me) to continue, I’ve decided to allow our journey into this blog.

Today, she will return from her dad’s house and we will discuss our plan.  Yes, a mother daughter duo of planning, motivating, and cheering each other on.  I have to step up to the plate and follow through.  Because Healthy Me equals Healthy you.

Some simple goals for this week, nothing extraordinary in particular:

Exercise Together – Take Molly (Our Dog) for a 30 minute walk every day

Cook Together – Pick out 2 new healthy recipes to try this week

I know this sounds too easy, but I assure you that I know my daughter and myself and we’ll have to start slow.  LOL.

I would love input from other moms on how they keep their family healthy!


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