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Single Mom Army

“When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army.” Ellie Goulding

The first time I heard this song was at a live concert.  I was on a date, but in that moment I was immersed in so much love and gratitude for my dearest family and friends.  My people.  My army.

Finding your Single Mom Army is imperative.  All of a sudden, all of the responsibility shifts and you’re shoulders are heavy.  Your army helps release the burden.  Find the friend who will show up when your house is a mess and you’re feeling defeated just to crack open a bottle of wine and help you get your life together.  Find the sister who will always answer your call, who will listen and provide reasonable advice.  Find the people who will step up and watch your kid when your in a bind and you have no where else to turn.  Find the people who will invite you over, with your kid, for coffee, for wine, for dinner, for no particular reason other than to commiserate on life, parenting, dating, or working.  Find the people who lift your spirits when you’re feeling a mess.  The people who will celebrate success and failure.  Find the people who will listen, advise when needed, laugh, and just BE THERE.

My Single Mom Army is Small.  But it’s Full.  I am grateful for them.

Find your people.

Find your Single Mom Army.


One Flawsome Momma

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