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One Flawsome Momma: Introverted Me

Thank God It’s My Every Other Friday.  You know the one I’m talking about.  The one where dad shows up to scoop up the kid and you’re left in sweet, serene silence.  My pup Molly asleep at my feet, chamomile tea on my nightstand, City and Colour radio on Pandora.  No where to be, no one to entertain, no food to cook…. just my thoughts.  I get to bask in all of this “me time” and just be.  Introverted me.

Introverted me.



Long, Hot Baths.





For two blissful nights.  

And on Sunday, she’ll burst through the front door, “Hey Momma!” and I’ll smile.  I’ll be recharged and ready to put on my Mom Cape again.

Happy Friday! 


One Flawsome Momma



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