3rd Grade Homework Woes

When my daughter was little, we would play or relax and then followed a nightly routine of bath, bed, book, snuggles, conversation, and sleep.  These were the days!!

Fast forward a few years.

Projects.  Homework.  EOGs.  Letter Grades.  3rd Grade has been a difficult transition for my daughter and I.  All of a sudden our play and relax time is overwhelmed with dinner and homework and school projects.  My daughter is quite independent.  She doesn’t like being told how to do something.  She wants to work it out on her own, but of course with me sitting…. watching.

“Honey, if you do it this way maybe it will make more sense.” 

“I can do it my way Momma, watch!” 

It’s like that time when you were running late to work trying to help your toddler put their coat on, but they’re determined to do it themselves.  So you sit there and watch them struggle, impatiently waiting and thinking about how much quicker it would be if you could just do it for them.  It’s brutality.

Here’s the truth.  When we allow our children to figure things out.  When we don’t swoop in to save the day every time shoes are on the wrong feet, outfits look horrendous, math problems are taking 7 times longer than necessary, DIY craft projects just waiting for failure, or really anything (not dangerous, obviously) then we are allowing their complex thinking skills to develop.  When the outcome is successful, the look of joy and confidence in my daughters face is worth the extra time it took for her to figure it out.  Only after the outcome fails will she usually allow suggestions from me.  It’s almost like I have to let her little brain exhaust all options before she’s open to hearing my thoughts. 

Tonight, we finished a Solar System Project and 3 nights worth of regular homework.  Because I’m a gullible mom who believed there was no homework due to EOGs – until I looked through her backpack.  Did I mention I screw up sometimes?  Checking backpacks is not my forte!

Cheers to surviving a torturous evening of homework with 10 min left til bed when we were finished!  Whew!


One Flawsome Momma



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