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Fuck Stagnancy, Embrace Progression

Jan 29, 2017

Here’s the deal.  It’s that special time of year where the nostalgia of Christmas has worn off and the New Year is approaching.  It’s the time of year where we reflect: then decide that resolutions are utter bullshit, or commit to changing every aspect of our lives.  I’m pretty sure this is the “black or white” thinking that I’ve read about in all of the self help books I’ve read this year… because I’m kind of a self help junkie.  An over-thinker.  The kind of woman who is so wrapped up in her thoughts that action takes the back seat.

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And that, my friends, is why I am here.  See that kid?  If he just turned his damn brain off for a minute and went for it, he wouldn’t be FROZEN IN FEAR.  You know what happens when we think about something for too long?  We MAKE IT WORSE.

Our brain has this superpower – it can build on a thought and turn it into some epic shit. 

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Ever meet a guy who is so damn sweet, he’s the whole package.  You go on one date and all of sudden your brain is planning a wedding, kids names, how cute his wrinkly ass will look when you’re 90.  How about that time you called into work because your kid was sick for 5th time this year and you just KNOW you’re going to get fired.  So you start searching how unemployment works and cutting off your cable bill to try to save your ass.  YES.  Both of those scenarios have happened in my head.  But guess what?  They never actually came to pass.  I’m not a fucking psychic and yet I spend so much time and energy on these self-made “premonitions”.  Do you know what I’m doing while I’m thinking?  NOTHING.  I’M DOING NOTHING.  I mean, I might be eating.  Or smoking.  Or staying up too late because that pesky brain is creating 17 different alternate endings to my life.

All of that thinking, all of that exhaustion, and for what?

It would be so easy to throw my hands in the air and scream, “Fuck it!  I am who I am and Resolutions can Kiss My ASS!”….. but, that is not what is in my heart.  I heard a phrase recently that resonated with me.  “Fall in love with progression”.  How beautiful is that?  I can love who I am and love who I am becoming all at the same time.  I don’t have to remain stagnant.  And isn’t that just what growth is?  Only now, my growth is intentional.  I’ve always heard that recognizing our weaknesses is the first step to rectifying it.  Cheers to realizing my brain is both the problem and the solution.  2017.  I’m waiting for you.  I’m ready for you.  I’m falling in love with progression.


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